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Between the Oslofjord and the forests lies the Norwegian capital. Oslo has a special combination of city life and easy access to the great outdoors.Oslo’s unique location means almost unlimited opportunities for fun. Hike in the forest, swim in the fjord and go to a concert – all on the same day.Below are some ideas for activities & attractions.




Holmenkollen Ski Museum & Tower

A historic landmark in the Norwegian consciousness, Holmenkollen embodies more than a century of skiing competitions. Inside the ski jump is the Holmenkollen Ski Museum, the oldest of its kind in the world. The museum presents over 4,000 years of skiing history, as well as Norwegian polar exploration artifacts.The observation deck on top of the jump tower offers panoramic views of Oslo.



The Viking Ship Museum

A visit to Oslo is a good opportunity to learn more about the Scandinavian Vikings and their culture .The Viking Ship Museum presents great Viking ship discoveries from Gokstad, Oseberg and Tune as well as other finds from Viking tombs around the Oslo Fjord. The museum displays the world’s two best-preserved wooden Viking ships built in the 9th century, as well as small boats, sledges, a cart with exceptional ornamentation, implements, tools, harness, textiles and household utensils.


osloVigeland Sculpture Park

Vigelandsparken is one of Norway’s most visited attractions with more than 1 million visitors every year. The unique sculpture park is the life work of the sculptor Gustav Vigeland (1869-1943) with more than 200 sculptures in bronze, granite and cast iron. Vigeland was also responsible for the design and architectural outline of the park. A monumental artistic creation with a human message that is well worth seeing. The park is open all year at all times and is a popular recreation area.



The Norwegian National Opera & Ballet

The Norwegian National Opera & Ballet is Norway’s largest performing arts institution. After the opening in 2008, the Opera House in the old harbour area of Bjørvika soon became a landmark in Oslo. Designed by the Norwegian architects Snøhetta, it is the first opera house in the world to let visitors walk on the roof. The new opera house offers a rich and varied programme.


osloIsland hopping in the Oslo Fjord

Take a ferry and go island hopping between the islands in the Oslo Fjord. The islands are popular places to go swimming in the summer, but each island has its unique character and history worth exploring. Bring a picnic basket and a blanket and enjoy the peace and quiet just minutes away from the city centre.



Bicycling trips in Oslo

Oslo is a great city for bicycling, with modest distances between major hubs and attractions. Whether you want to discover attractions, explore nature, or just get a little exercise, Oslo’s bicycling options range from relaxing rides with almost no inclines to difficult cross-country cycling in the hilly forests around the city.