Date of birth:1959, Nationality: Norwegian, married, 2 children (1992, 1994)
Current position: Head of Research, Women and Childs division, Oslo University Hospital /University of
Oslo + consultant MD + professor


University of Oslo 1,5 years of pedagogics 1980
Medical school, graduated from Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland 1986
Medical Thesis December 1995
“Lung function by tidal breathing in awake neonates, infants and young children.
Evaluation and clinical application, with special emphasis on obstructive airways disease.”
Paediatrician specialist 1999
Copenhagen business school/University of Oslo; Research management 2008-9

Clinical/work positions

Paediatric Department Bodø Central Hospital, and at Dpt of Paediatrics, Ullevål hospital from 1987
PhD student (NFR) (National Institute of Public Health/Ullevål Hospital): 1991-5
Head of Section, Pediatric Allergology and pulmonoly, Ullevål University Hospital from 2004
Research advisor to Regional Health Board East 2004-05
Assoc. Professor/professor at the University of Oslo from 2006
Head of research group ORAACLE, 2005-

Current position: Professor and Head of Research, Women and Childs division, Oslo University Hospital /University of Oslo+ consultant MD + professor 2010


Board member/chairman of the Nordic Society of Allergology (NFA) in periods between 1990-2006
National Focal Point for children, Health and Environment to the WHO 2002-04
Member, Executive committee of GA2LEN, EU- (FP6) Network of centers of excellence 2007-Board member, Paediatric Section, European Academy of Allergy and Clinical Immunology 2007-09
Head of “Asthma and Allergy” group of Paediatric Assembly, European Respiratory Society 2009-13
Member of Executive committee European Academy of Allergy and Clinical Immunology 2009-10
Work package leader MEDALL, EU-FP7 2010-15
Member of European Respiratory Society Evaluation committee 2013-15


Pediatric Respiratory Award from European Respiratory Society 1995
Voksentoppen annual price for pediatric pulmonary research 1994
Ullevål University Hospital ”Kunnskapsprisen” (for ”Forskningshåndboken) 2009
Honorary award/membership for research, The Norwegian Asthma and Allergy Foundation 2010

More than 150 (Pubmed articles: 132 pub-med pr May 2014 > 60 since 2010)

Supervision of PhD-students

– Number of PhD-students presently under supervision as main (total) supervisor: 4 (10)
– Number of PhD-students completed from 1.1.2005 as main (total) supervisor: 8 (12)
Research focus: PI of large cohort studies including the Environment and Childhood Asthma (ECA) birth
cohort study, established 1992, the Bronchiolitis All-SE Norway study, as well as clinical trials,
epidemiologic clinical research, particularly into lung function, asthma and other allergic diseases.