Presentation length
Session oral presentations have been given a 15 minute time allotment. Please plan the presentation for 12-13 minutes plus 2-3 minutes of Q&A.

Presentation format
Presentations should be submitted in PowerPoint format only, in any version of PowerPoint, up to the most recent Microsoft Office 2010.
Presentations should be loaded on either USB memory stick, CD-Rom or DVD. It is essential for the smooth running of the Conference that all speakers hand in their presentations, at least 1 hour before the start of the session, on one of the congress’ computers in the Speakers’ Ready Room.

Please double check embedded animation and sound, including video clips, to reduce the chances of incompatibility. In your presentation, the recommended font size to use should be no smaller than a 16. This will make your presentation and your graphs easier for the participants to view. Pictures should be saved with resolution of 720*540, 72 DPI.

Macintosh Users
Please be advised that the use of Mac computers is not possible. Mac users are requested to convert their presentation to Office. Insert pictures as JPG files (and not TIF, PNG or PICT – these images will not be visible on a PowerPoint based PC). Use a common movie format, such as AVI, MPG and WMV (MOV files from QuickTime will not be visible on a PowerPoint based PC).
If you wish to use your own laptop, make sure to bring an adaptor to Windows operated computer.