Poster instructions
A board giving a display area of approximately 160 cm high and 90 cm wide will be provided for each poster display. Thumbtacks will be available on site for mounting the displays and staff will be available to assist you. Please ensure that your poster title and authors, as stated on the submitted abstract, are printed on your poster. Please refer to the final Program that you will receive for the poster board number assigned for your use.

Try to avoid using several A4 etc. sheets. One large sheet is preferable. The reading order of the poster should be down columns, rather than across rows. Insert the conclusions in a prominent panel, Poster body text must be readable from ~1 m distance and the title from 3-4 m. Use a bolder, larger typeface for the main titles and headings. Check the draft of your poster very carefully to ensure that there are no typographical or style errors. Use matt (non-reflective) lamination to protect the poster.

Display, presentation and removal
Poster presenters should refer to the list of poster presentations in the program for their board numbers. Presenters are kindly requested to stand next to their poster during the Poster Session, as indicated in the Program.