1. The E-poster presentations will be shown on a plasma screen during the congress and will be presented by the authors at the poster sessions.
  2. All E-posters must be prepared as a power point, converted into PDF and sent to us as a PDF File.
  3. Each E-poster presentation may include up to 4 PowerPoint slides.
    You are welcome to include images and tables, however videos, animations and transitions cannot be included in the PDF of the E-poster.
  4. The first page of the presentation must include:
    • Abstract title
    • Abstract authors (First name, Last name, Affiliation and Country)
  5. The details should be exactly the same as the submitted abstract.
    Please include author’s contact details within the presentation final slide.

The PDF should be sent no later than 10th of August 2015 Presentations sent after the deadline will not be included in the E-poster system.

Please send the file to Carina Gutharz: Cgutharz@paragong.com